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Size:72.4M     Version: V2.0.9     Requires Android:2.3
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  • Descriptions

    Games Samkok best SLG 2015, Challenge your limits and satukanlah world!
    Samkok best strategy games in the world, aggressive game, the beauty of the concubines unmatched, mastering the world and experience the latest that has never existed in !
    Top 1 Strategy: Bored with samkok game that so-so wrote? Consort best strategy system + beautiful + best chat feature of this century, the answer is only in .
    Top 1 Chart: Graphics with the best image quality and looks real! Even to paint a GUANYU with a red face and a mustache extraordinary takes 1 year and 50 the maestro painted by art !!
    Top 1 Music: Bored with sounds of war are only “Hiya, CIAT, Wa, Wush !!”? The answer lies in the ! Here the melodious voice of a beautiful woman will always accompany the world unite to fight loh!
    Top 1 System: HP slow when mainin game? Relax, is the latest game system in 2015, do not use slow! Nokia can flickey this game too!
    Top 1 Systematic: I’m bored with the game system “that pay a strong”? Gak gak gak …. here you will feel the balance, you also can be competitive without having to spend a penny !!!
    Today the chaos in the world began to worsen, and who is able to reconcile? Soon joined by and the return of the world unite!

    The uniqueness of :
    1. The most practical communications experience, can use voice chat.
    2. The latest gaming system is the most advanced, has never existed before.
    3. Competition is very epic and exciting with millions of other players.

    Editors Notes:

    Very fun game, but also very challenging!

    What's new

    fix some bugs


    Dinasti Naga V2.0.9 Apk File [ Date: 2016-01-09]
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